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Writing better villains
Part one: Creating a villain in general
Don’t create a paper cut out of evil. Unless you’re writing a story for little kids, give your villain depth (think of the good witch and the wicked witch, a protagonist would be closer to the good witch, while the antagonist should be closer to the wicked witch, but they should never be just the good witch or just the bad witch), just like you would any character. There is no such thing as pure evil.
Give your villain a good motive. If somebody hurt them, then they may want to hurt that person, their relatives, or the entire world. They may also be doing it out of greed. Whatever it is, it’s up to you.
Forget the whole “Good deep down” thing. People aren’t like cupcakes of evil with a center of frosting of good. Good and bad a jumbled together. A man who kills enemy soldiers by the thousands, may run an animal shelter out of pure love for animals. Or a hateful dictator who rules wi
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tutorial English version by i-azu tutorial English version :iconi-azu:i-azu 174 34 Color tutorial 2 by i-azu Color tutorial 2 :iconi-azu:i-azu 152 44 Tutorial - Glowing - ENG by RamzyKamen Tutorial - Glowing - ENG :iconramzykamen:RamzyKamen 140 20 Tutorial Eyes, By Geer by iGeerr Tutorial Eyes, By Geer :iconigeerr:iGeerr 299 54
7 Guidelines to Carefully Craft Story Paragraphs
7 Guidelines to Carefully Craft Every Paragraph in your Story – With Reference Links
One of the most unexpectedly difficult tasks in writing is learning how to craft paragraphs. It's simply not a skill that we learn in most schools, and mostly relies on our reading and slowly learning the skill from those authors who have mastered it. However, from what limited resources exist on the internet, we can build a checklist to make sure that all of our paragraphs have a solid foundation, as we learn the craft.
Guideline 1: The first paragraph of your chapter must reveal POV, location, sett
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 112 11
Short Writing Tip: Show, Don't Tell
One thing I always tell writers who ask for advice (Which has been happening a lot lately) is something one of my favorite teachers had told me when I first started writing in Middle School (6th grade).
It's "Show, don't tell." Show your readers how things happen, don't just tell them what happens. It's so easy for a writer to write:
"She sat down."
Instead, add description so that its something more like:
"She lowered herself into the plush green chair, the cushion sinking under her weight as she leaned back to relax after a long day on her feet."
It's more engaging to the reader, catching their attention and painting a better picture in their mind.
Also, write down the dialog as characters say them. don't sum up what they say in general. Having actual dialogue helps give the character personality.
:icontibun:TiBun 22 19
How to NOT Write- Ripping Apart an Amateur Story
Writing fiction is not as easy as some may think. It really isn't. But while there are plenty of guides on how to write well, there are not that many around that show us how to not write that also provide examples of absolute terrible and horrific writing that should not go beyond the notebook (or personal computer) of the author.
So I took the liberty of digging up my own story I wrote at 13 years old. If you frequently read the fiction of 13-year-olds, you will find that most (not all of course, but most) are still learning how to write, and don't do it all that well. To my disbelief (and admittedly slight horror) I find some individuals in university (and beyond) that still write fiction like this. I am far from a great writer- and in some cases I'm rather horrid- but I have improved. I hope that in showing excerpts from my 30,000 word story examined, torn, bashed, washed in dirty soap water, and all-around picked apart will help others avoid all th
:iconainulaire:AinuLaire 239 165
Planning Manga Tutorial by Fiona-Maria Planning Manga Tutorial :iconfiona-maria:Fiona-Maria 298 40
.:Starting A Novel Guide:.
~Getting Started~
I’m writing this with novels on the mind since I am almost at 30 novels. I have written over 20 additional novella length stories as well with a ton more books on the way. So you could say I know a thing or two about this more than the average person. And it’s about time I made a guide for it! So I hope this thing helps you.
• WHERE TO START: If you are feeling flustered as to where to start writing in your story, DON’T BE! Honestly you can begin anywhere. You can write out of order! I’d say write out whatever scenes you find yourself inspired with and just keep typing till you run out of inspiration. Then add to fill in the gaps and edit where/if you feel the need to. I have never ever EVER written a book in complete consecutive order. So in fact, I encourage it. Writing the scene you are inspired on instead of forcing yourself to write something you're not inspired for just yet will work to your benefit. Readers can tell when writing is
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 55 41
Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Start Your Story
Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Start Your Story
You have the story idea, a brief outline (or not), and enough motivation and/or preparation to place your fingers on the keyboard and think, Let's begin. But how does one, in fact, begin a story? How do you select the perfect scene to situate your reader without putting him to sleep? It's easy to become overwhelmed by the sea of possible beginnings before having typed a single word. This article provides a list of different ways to begin a story, long or short, pointing out their respective advantages and disadvantages. The right beginning can give you just the push you need to send you flying into the world of your characters.
A prologue is a scene or chapter that pertains to the story without featuring your protagonist at the present time. It might show your hero as a child; it might show your antagonist plotting to take over the world; it might show a
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Paint Tool SAI Basics tutorial by BloodlineV Paint Tool SAI Basics tutorial :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 9,624 678 Learn Manga Basics: The Male Puppet by Naschi Learn Manga Basics: The Male Puppet :iconnaschi:Naschi 9,871 116 Random Tutorial: Male+Female Bodies, Bleach eyes by unicornchen Random Tutorial: Male+Female Bodies, Bleach eyes :iconunicornchen:unicornchen 2,870 70 HOW TO SHADING THE LEGS by SWORDWALTZWORKS HOW TO SHADING THE LEGS :iconswordwaltzworks:SWORDWALTZWORKS 12,001 102 Commission 290 - KingIke75 by bramhistory Commission 290 - KingIke75 :iconbramhistory:bramhistory 10 6




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